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My Azzam!


I said that I want to be a good scientist, and I want to be part of world change and ummah resurgence through knowledge (what a great dream isn’t it?)


But what have I done??


I have to make real steps to acquire those dreams.. Not only sit, read, browse and hope that HE will grant me a brilliant thought..


And here are my plans relate with this blog (and Insya’Allah another new one) towards my dreams..



I’ll keep this blog active. To archive my daily journey and values I take from the class of this Life University, which could be priceless lesson. These will enrich my soul, mature my thought, also make me wiser to deal with life’s problem in order to accomplish my duty as HIS servant and also a khalifah of the world.


KnowledgePower (this is my another blog wannabe. Has not create it yet :p )

I borrow from XL intra-web’s name. Don’t know whether I’ll use it as my blog name or not. Have an idea?

I’ll start to write all resume of science articles I read, new knowledge I know, my tricky ideas, simple computer skills I learn, little inventions, and everything I have, anything I get that relate with my competencies : Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Communication.


“Bond knowledge by write it down”


And, no matter how much misspelled and grammar errors I make, standart vocabulary I use or simple expression I have, I will hardly try to write these in ENGLISH! [Although I often have to look up my dictionary when writing down this post :p ]






Fa idza azamta, fatawakkal’alallah

QS. Ali Imran : 159


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3 Responses

  1. re_here says:

    😀 , beberapa hari ga oL, ternyata tulisan kak Lintang dah tambah banyak. hihi, kalah deh aku… cita2 besar kak, n harus terus berusaha buat meraihnya ya!


    “Hardly try to write these in ENGLISH!”

    je sais, c’est ne facile pa… moi! difficile….

    tapi memang harus dicoba sih. adalah suatu keberanian besar untuk mencoba dan menampilkannya.

  2. menujucintanya says:

    My dream..I’m working on it.. 🙂

    Yeah..hope I can commit with my own promisee..
    It’s quite hard to express something in foreign language..But we have to get use of it right?

    But, I think for my other blog (will be launch next week, Insya Allah) I’ll use Bahasa first. The concern is I’ll make myself use to write science article and share my knowledge.. I’m afraid English will inhibit me to write..

    Why don’t you do the same? To write and share your knowledge.. it’s one of the keys of success student in Romi Satrio Wahono (IT’s advance) version. Visit his page (Blognya mas Romi-link right panel of this blog).

  3. re_here says:

    i’ll try sist..
    like i said before, c’est ne facile pa. tapi harus dicoba. susah ya? oL saja susah..

    iya, tapi HARUS dicoba!

    dah jalan2 ke blognya Romi Satrio kok. btw, pada awalnya aku bikin blog, aku memang mau bikin itu multilanguage. makanya tagsnya sekarang namanya Indonesia. rencananya dulu bakal ada tags English & Francois. tapi kalo’ sekarang belum disempetin. paling ntar tags Indonesia lebih dispesifikin dulu. insya Allah yang akan menyusul ada tags Indonesia:Robot

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