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We never feel enough for our needs. There are too many things we want to achieve in this world and it make us do everything to gain it. We often fell upset, when we hear others success rather than proud of what has he gained. Even if it just a glance tought.. When you hear someone’s achievement, read his inspirational writing or see his phenomenal works, we attempt (maybe : inspirate) to do or to get the same things too. But, sometimes we feel a little bit jealous with his achievement. Then, we rack our brains, thinking a way to “surprass” him (still in a legal way ofcourse) and to make ourself more superior. Eventhough Rosulallah teach us to compete in doing good things, fastabiqul khairat, but, please beware of this soul sickness. Here, we call it as “dengki” (envious).

Sa’id Hawwa in his book “Tazkiyatun Nafs” divides envious in four term. From the lowest level of envious which is “feel glad with others achievement, and doesn’t have willingness to eliminate it from his brother”. Till the higher level, which is “feel upset with others achievement, and willing to eliminate it from his brother“.

Rasulalloh SAW said, “Janganlah kalian saling mendengki, saling menfitnah (untuk suatu persaingan yang tidak sehat), saling membenci, saling memusuhi dan jangan pula saling menelikung transaksi orang lain. Jadilah kalian hamba Allah yang bersaudara. Seorang muslim adalah saudara muslimnya yang lain, ia tidak menzhaliminya, tidak mempermalukannya, tidak mendustakannya dan tidak pula melecehkannya. Takwa tempatnya adalah di sini -seraya Nabi SAW menunjuk ke dadanya tiga kali. Telah pantas seseorang disebut melakukan kejahatan, karena ia melecehkan saudara muslimnya. Setiap muslim atas sesama muslim yang lain adalah haram darahnya, hartanya dan kehormatannya. ” (HR. Muslim dari Abu Hurairah ra)

Hope we can keep ourself from this “sickness”.

Be thankfull of what you’ve got, be patient of what you haven’t get.. Remember, HIS qadar must be “the best” for you..

–“Let others run with time, just keep working with your compass

A friend of mine sent this SMS when I’m starting my new life here. Well, just focus on your compass instead of counting what others has been achieved.. Be focus!

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  1. re_here says:

    gluk… makin lama makin berat. makin lama makin ga ngerti. makin lama makin ngeres. pas dah ngerti:

    “Astaghfirullahal ‘adziim…..”

    PS: btw, lagu2 di warnet ini enak2 yah.

    I’m the one who wants to be with you
    Deep inside I hope you feel it too
    Waiting on the line of greens and blues
    Just to be the next to be with you…”

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