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My New Extra(curicular)


Finally, I have SPORT as my “extracurricular” outside office. I always choose non-sport student organization as an actualization place since I was a high school student. Such as Paskibra, Youth Red-Cross, and OSIS. Maybe its common for girl to choose non-sport ex-cul..Now I feel more alive! 🙂

When I still a student in University, I never have an opportunity to join such a Student Sport Unit (Ukor). It was because I think that I can’t do such activities with my outfit, (what sport allow you to use long skirt beside chess??) and also I did, never have more spare time to join them. ‘Cause I spent most of my time, even my lectures and study time (again) in Student Organizations.. Actually I interested with self-defense sport, like “Perisai Diri” or “Thifan”, and also badminton. But..never have a chance to do that..

And now, every Thursday evening, I go to indoor court at the end of Cisitu ave.. And must be very catch attention for others (mostly -90% male there), a woman using long skirt and big veil play BADMINTON.. :p

Here is our indoor badminton court
Angsa putih, Cisitu

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2 Responses

  1. re_here says:

    selamat berolahraga! men sana in corpore sano

  2. ulilalbab156 says:

    akhwat wit long skirt play badminton, Can’t imagine!!!…:)

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