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Why does morning longer than evening?

In a beautiful morning -and very cold too- I can do list of routines, which is longer than evening..

After have my morning prayer, read al-ma’tsurat and 4-6 pages of holy Qur’an, listen to the morning taushiyah through my CDMA mobile phone, do my laundry (wash or iron), do my office ‘homework’, cook a breakfast (or just make a glass of milk), I feel fresh!! get prepare and ready to go out for office at 07.40 (be late about 10-15 minutes)..

But, after office hour, 17.00 or more late, go home ..

Have magrib prayer, read several pages of Qur’an, having dinner while watching TV (usually “Supermama”, coz ‘Bibi’ like to watch that unuseful program), then I turn on my notebook, actually it is use to write some value I’ve got today or knowledge I’ve learnt, but I often dump for hours in viewing “my picture” folder, which is has been hundreds time viewed, send “Hi” SMSs (no wonder I always exceed my pulse budget, here is the fortune of having a voucher-seller friend :p ), call my friends, or get a long fussy-wassy with my roommate, Eka..and ooops! It’s 23.00!! time to sleep..

Hgg… Seems nothing (usefull) I’ve done in my evening time..
Is it because my energy has been used for my entire day, then have no more for doing good things in the evening??


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  1. re_here says:

    hmmm, begitu ya? btw,aku dah mulai nulis lagi deh. termasuk cerpen juga. tapi cerpennya ga kuposting di blog, tapi kukirim dulu ke orang-orang yang bisa mengkritisi. critanya lagi nyari penghasilan nich.

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