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When Your Children Are Sick

jepreth174.jpgYesterday, I visited my 9-years-old cousin, Arrasy, which was opnamed because of dengue (demam berdarah). What a pity to show a little boy, with a pale face, weak body, just sleep on his bed in a strange room away from his home. And his smile suddenly rise when he saw my little brother, Guruh came in..His mother said that Arrasy couldn’t sleep since noon to wait Guruh come. And we just arrived at late evening.. Guruh gave Arrasy his little presents, a book of “Magician’s Tricks” and some packs of biscuits.. It’s so touching!

[Arrasy, with the blue T-shirt, next to Guruh]

I learn view things from this visit.. Some lesson when our child is sick..

  • This is our chance to introduce our child, that “healthy” is Allah’s gift. A priceless grace that often miss from our thankfull to HIM. Show them to ask Allah for their recovery, so that they can play freely as before..”Allahumma rabbannas adzhibil ba’sa asyfi, antasy syaafii, laa syifaa’a illa syifaa’uka, syifaa’an laa yughaadiru saqaman” (Ya Allah, The God of men, keep us away from difficulties and cure us (because) You are the Cureness, and there’s no other cure but You, the cure which doesn’t left any harm)
  • It is a right time to introduce them with their own body. Eg : how does the dengue come? what part of their body which attacked by the disease? How come infuss works thru their body? what is trombosit? why it is important to keep it up 150.000 in amount? etc..
  • Let them know, that people who visit them want to make them happy by cheers them, take some fruits and toys, thus they not longer to feel upset with their illness. So they have to be thankfull, coz they are being loved. It also relevant with our Prophet’s Sunnah, to give our brother’s right when they ill : look them out.
  • Ask them to keep doing Salat, with their limitation. By stand (if they can), sit, or even just with a sign. Here, they can learn that Salat is very important to do, even in a limit condition. Thus, they shouldn’t leave their salat in vacant time.
  • If we have another children at home, it is also important to make them understand that at that time, we need to give more attention to the sick-child, without reducing our careness and love to them. Ask them to make a good cooporation with us. Eg, more responsibility in doing homemaid works, fullfill our needs in hospital, etc.

Treasure every moment for them to learn more about this world and know more about their Creator..


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3 Responses

  1. re_here says:

    sepertinya sudah lebih siap “to be a great mom”, kak? jadi, kapan rencananya? šŸ˜›

  2. menujucintanya says:

    Masih mencoba menghimpun pengetahuan sebelum praktek langsung..Ilmu diatas amal

    Dido’in aja Fa.. šŸ™‚

  3. re_here says:

    hihihihi šŸ˜€

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