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His Birthday

Di matamu masih tersimpan selaksa peristiwa
Benturan dan hempasan terpahat di keningmu

Kau nampak tua dan lelah keringat mengucur deras
Namun kau tetap tabah

[Ebiet G Ade, Titip Rindu Buat Ayah]



Today he is 51-years of age already..


He is a very though man, idealist, permanent establishment, temperament, un-assertive, little humorous, perfectionist, and high self esteem.. Yes, he is my dad..


I often have frontal discussions with him, and its end by my walk-out before my tears drop. I use to get high temper when we discuss about something, even its only a fussy-washy topic About the un-disciplines public transportation driver, Indonesian bad attitude and behaviors, Islam and Mecca-centrist, good education, room interior, misplace of nail-cutter, dusty cupboard, salty soup, and about anything. It makes me keep away to argue him. Coz I don’t want to make myself speak rude words, which I always tend to do when we discuss. I don’t know, why do I can’t make a warmly dialogue with him..

Engkau telah mengerti hitam dan merah jalan ini
Keriput tulang pipimu gambaran perjuangan
Bahumu yang dulu kekar legam terbakar matahari
Kini kurus dan terbungkuk



My father tries to make a democracy family, by set us free to make decision as long as we have the reason to do that and we can take the responsibility. He does, never forbid me to come late home-although it is very late- as long as I tell him/Mom where and with whom do I go, he permit me to have a several day outside driving his car, he never restrict our peer-even they are boys, he allows me to have risky expeditions with my mate, he support me to own my business-and give soft “loan” to keep it run well, he gives us freedom to choose any major we like (three of his daughter, have contradictory competencies) without asking us to choose Medical or Law as many parents did to their children, and he provide us with satisfy facilities to support our study..

Meski nafasmu kadang tersengal
Memikul beban yang makin sarat
Kau tetap bertahan

He always says that his goal is to make us, his children, be independent. Can stand with our own feet, with our ability, not depend on others, even our own husband then. That’s why he always encourage us to have higher education, catch every opportunity, do everything with all our heart, and be advance in each of our interest whatever it is..


He raise us with a rough, strict, and ideal though.. And sometimes I feel depress by it, that makes me hard to express my ideas, even with others, coz I don’t want to make a mistake, I don’t want to be blamed.

Overall, I learn much from him. His idealism, his persistency, his loyalty,,


Happy birthday, Dad. I’m sorry, I haven’t make you proud of me yet. I haven’t achieve what you dream of..



Although I can’t show my warmly attitude, but here, deep in my heart, you always be my pride..

Namun semangat tak pernah pudar
Meski langkahmu kadang gemetar
Kau tetap setia

Hope Allah open and soften your heart. As we can reunite again in HIS jannah someday..

Hope so..


With love,

Your stubborn daughter




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One Response

  1. re_here says:

    yakin deh, beliau pasti bangga ma kak Lintang, gimanapun dan apapun yang ada pada kak Lintang.

    btw, aku blm bs digolongin jd ‘sis’-nya kakak y? T_T , kejamnya dunia 😛

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