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Get addicted!

Seems I get addicted in blogging world. After launching my Learning B[log] 2 weeks ago, here comes another blog of mine : . This new blog came from my willingness to share my experiences and get connected with others. But I’m not a person who like to be exposed actually, I never want to give my clear identity, my real me, with whom I don’t really know. So I use this blog to share my photos of interests, at the beginning.. What come next? Hm.. maybe it’s also a good media to share something usefull for others, or to spread Islam, internalize Islam’s way of life. Since its (MP) easy to linked and alaso many people has used MP. But I still don’t know, in what topic will it get specialize. It would be better if it has a specific topic. So for anybody who need a reference for some topic, he/she will easy to find it there..

I hope, there’s no will of mine (even at a glance)  to use these medias as places to show off. Thats why, I think many times to publish this blog. Let only a few of people read this blog. Peoples whom I want them to know about me, my thought, my life. Are you be one of them?? Hmm..please keep it for yourself, wont you? But please don’t hesitate to give me responds of my writing here. So I can have feedback and (hopefully) constructive critisms from all of you whom I trust for..

Keep reading.. =)


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