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The boys next door

At the first time, I gave little attention in “having a good relationship with neighbors” – in this case, my next-door friend in my dormitory. Let say, “Its okay” for the girl live in the same building, in my land-lady house. But for another 2 boys, whose their room are outside the house (although still in the same backyard), I think “Hi!” or “Assalammu’alaykum” when we meet is enough. Isn’t it? They are boys, remember..

But, not with my room-mate, Eka, she took this seriously. She asked me to visit them (2 boys next-door) as a self-introduction since we were a newbie residents. (“Come on, Eka, we just live in a boarding house, not in a real community..”). Okay, we did it! Not only knocked their door and introduced our self, but we also brought them a little plate of tiny-bread (Roti-unyil) and small-sliced brownies. Then we had a short-normative fushy-washy chat. That’s all! And the days after, we just say “hello” as we meet and had no conversation at all. But that simple introduction has melt the wall between us..

Until one night, my junior in college sent me SMS to inform me that she and her friend (which is a boy) were going to spend a night in Bandung, and had no place to sleep, while it was already late at night! (“Please bro, why didn’t you think bout it before you come here…”). It is okay for Ifa to use my room that night, but how about Daus?? Instantly, I thought some alternative places to stay in and tried to contact some of my colleagues, whether I could ask them to give one-night shelter for my junior. But unfortunately, I couldn’t reach their mobile phones. So I decided to ask Rama (one of my neighbors) to share his 2×1,5 m room (I just knew by that time, that his room was smaller than my tiny room!). Then Daus came an hour later with banana-chocolate-cheese cake as his “ticket” for the room fee as I ordered him before. Daus and Rama sleep late that night, discussing boys thing: game. We could heard that, since our room just separated by a sheet of bamboo-wall (means: bilik in bahasa). Even we could hear if they were farted!! :p The next morning, Ifa and me cooked them fried rice and made them hot-tea. (“Hmm..what a great host am I?” :p )

On another day, me and Eka asked Rama for a help to clean our notebooks from unbreakable virus. We’ve tried 3 kinds of antiviruses and none of them worked! While Rama checked our notebooks, we had some conversation which made us know more bout Rama, that he is also 2002 (year of high school graduate), from SMU 8. And he also had same problem with us, about “Jerry”s and the “Croci” and also shared our deathly efforts to vanish them. Hehe..

Though we had been has a warm relation with Rama, but not with Fredy, the other boy next to Rama. So, this evening, in the middle of the rain, we knocked Fredy’s door just to say “Hi” and sent him some fried-snack (means : gorengan). And surprisingly, Fredy, whose we known as a silent and “don’t care” boy, the boy who never make a little ”hi” with us, is a quite warm person actually. Once again, we’ve melted that spare wall between us. And you know what, Rama’s mother has baked us an attempting brownies! Special just for us..!

Something small, can make great effects..

Hm.. what a beautiful neighborhood!

“One whose believe in Allah and the doomsday; should say something good or (he better) be silent; should treat their neighbors well; should treat their guest well”

– HR. Bukhari & Muslim –


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2 Responses

  1. Manda says:

    Missing our meeting.. in the dark of the night.. with our motorcycle.. go through the UI street.. keep our eyes open.. make a small strategy.. but the impact is really so big..

    very miss that time..

  2. ifa says:

    wah3x, aku digosipin di sini nih???? 😛

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