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New spirit after Prajab

Two weeks quarantined in Pusbindiklat Peneliti LIPI, at Cibinong Science Center to participate in Diklat Prajabatan in order to fulfill the requirement to be a Public Servant (PNS). We were given lot of nationality ‘brain-wash’ subjects. Such as : Civil servant etiquettes, Nationality knowledge, Government Work Behavior, Employment Management, State arrangement, Effective communication, and also include formal civil ceremony, and rules of march.

And guess what? I became the Best 10 for the entire participant! Which predicated : Satisfied! What a surprise!! since I’ve gave a critics for the Prajab’s host to evaluate their scoring scheme, which can not represented our real-understanding for the subjects given. The scoring take 60% of score from our attitude during this training : discipline, enthusiasms, etc. and the rest, score form the final written exam. Since the biggest point comes from our attitude, to make it objective, they should always be near from us, to watch our attitude and give the right score. But they didn’t.. most of the Best 10 were the “average participants”, like me. So, they must be scored us from the written exam only! [Hey! it means, I got a good grade on that exam! :p ]. Well, at least this “achievement’ has gave me a new spirit to be a good civil servant. I have to proof that my good score above the paper is also good on my daily application.. It also increase my self-confidence, that I still have a chance to compete with others..

Be idealist! Be a good PNS!


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2 Responses

  1. re_here says:

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N ! ! !

  2. ulilalbab156 says:

    It’s hard to be a good Public Servant, need strong idealism, high spirit to serve public and of course high motivation to change bad culture in PNS environment whose known as corrup mental place. Keep istiqomah, and proof it!

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