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Lazy to write?

A friend of mine offered me to translate my daily journal written in Bahasa to English. Since lately, I found difficulties in posting my writing. Yes, it is not only because my bad time management thus makes me have no time to write my journal periodically. But I also have a boundary to freely express my emotion in English. This, actually what makes me more rare to write..

At the first, I had promised my self to write in this daily journal in English, no matter how difficult it would be, no matter if there is no interesting topic to write, I still have to write here!! Yes, because I need to practice my English often.. written or orally. And I thought that write a daily journal would not be this difficult..

Actually, it is. It’s not difficult at all.. Just force myself at the first line, then words will flow directly..All I have to do is just BE COMMIT to my own promise : To write an English daily journal, periodically!

Nb : anyway, thanks for your offer.. maybe I’ll contact you someday in case I need my writing translated.. =)


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