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Ice tea and Milk will kill me!


Because Ice tea (cold, tea and sugar) are allergens for me. How could? I don’t know.. how can I get allergy in something that I consume almost every morning! And I even not realize that! What a terrible!

I don’t believe in doctors

Since I have a allergic rhinitis (catarrh caused by allergy), which can generate the production of my mucus, completed with sinusitis, which makes the drainage comes bad, I often get problem with my nose.. Take medicine without knowing my health-record will only reduce the symptoms, not cure the basic problem. Doctors usually give me cough&cold drugs, antihistamine, or paracetamol. Then what happen next? It will relapse again in a couple weeks..

Doctors don’t take any concern in abolish the main problem, they just see and diagnose from what appears that time. And give drugs to vanish the symptoms. Another drugs, another, and another. Drugs are only for immediate treat, not for curing therapy! They don’t have any attention in long term effect of those drugs in my body. Which have mounting in years here.. That’s why, I don’t believe in doctors.. And I don’t like to be pursued to consult them about my symptons. Coz I don’t want to take more medicine, which will harm myself in long term side effect..

After having my last sinusitis surgery in the end of 2006, I promise myself not to take any chemical drugs, except in an urgent condition. I prefer consume natural food supplement to increase my body-immune, such as natural honey, habbatussauda, milk, omega, etc.

Fighting for allergens

That’s why, now I’m struggling in defeat my allergen, in order to abolish the main problem. My bestfriend told my about the new method called BIORESONANCE, which can loose allergen by the wave theory. Each cell of our body radiate a signal to communicate to other cells. The synchrony cell will have similar wavelength. They pull each other. While the asynchrony cell radiate different wavelength and they push the different wavelength.

If something from outside our body-neighbor, not syncron with our body, which mean it was allergen to us, then our body will react un-normally. Everybody will have specific allergen. They modeled allergens in a form of wavelength and give patient the negation of that wavelength (negative interference), which can give result of zero, means the allergen will no longer make the body un-normal reaction. In other words, the patient is free from those allergens!

Ice tea and milk? No thanks..

In my first day allergic therapy using bioresonance, they detect 12 out of 40 sample allergen of mine! Include air-fungi, cockroach, smoke, dog and chicken feather, cold, tea, sugar and milk! So, I suppose not to consume ice tea and milk, but in fact I drink it almost every day.. Cheez.. I almost “kill” myself slowly!! How can I’m not realize that those things are allergen for me. My body refuse it, but I keep consume it periodically!!

I hope 2-3 months of therapy using bioresonance method will vanish these allergen from my body. Then I will not have mucus over-production anymore, which will not make my sinus going to inflame and I will get cure from this years illness.. Amiin..

Allahumma Robbannaas Azhibil ba’sa Isyfi antasysyaafii

Laa syifaa a illaa syifaa uka Syifaa an laa yughoodiru saqoman

read more about Bioresonance here :


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