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HE gives you what you want, in a different way


Last week I finally watched “Pursuit of Happiness”, the great true story-film roled by Will Smith and his son. One of the interesting scene in that film is when Cristhoper, an 5 years old boy, tell his father (Will Smith) this narration along their way to the baby-daycare. I don’t remember exactly how the redaction is, but here is the story goes..

One day, there’s a Guy drift ashore in the middle of the blue sea. Nothing he could do but prayed to his God to rescue him. Day by day the Guy waited for God’s help but nothing come. Till one day, a fisherman shipped to this Guy and gave his hand to help. But the Guy refused the helping-hand and said “No, no thanks, I’ll have my God come and rescue my life”. So the fisherman back to the beach and left the Guy floated alone there. The Guy keep praying and waiting. Then a couple of days, another fisherman came, he offered a help to the Guy. And again, the Guy refused that aid and said, “No, I’ll wait my God come and help me here”. Then the fisherman left the Guy. Day by day passed away, the Guy became weak, without any food and drink, then he died and met his God. The Guy angry to his God, “My God, why didn’t You come and rescue me, even though I’ve prayed a lot and hope only for your kindness help??”. Then his God replies, “I’ve sent you 2 fishermen to rescue you, but you refused them, remember??”

Hmm.. As you can see, God actually has gave what The Guy’s wanted -to rescue him- but he was so naifs and refused the rescue he has already waited for. And he vanished himself by that.

We often ask to Allah for our happiness, for our need, anything what we guess is the best for ourself. And sometimes we also decide how is the happiness would be. We tell Allah to do this, to give that, as we are the one who know what is the best. And if we don’t get it, we get upset, low motivation, decrease our faith to HIM, etc..

On the other side, if we often neglect chances that Allah gave to us..

Just count how many door opens but we just pass it away without try to knock and see what is inside..

Just because we already dream a final door, an ideal door which will be our gate to the final destination..

Meanwhile, we don’t know exactly which door would be the right door to it.. Only Allah, knows the best for you..

So.. why don’t we try to knock the door first and see what’s inside before we continue expecting our expected door??

Maybe HE give us better door to choose then our waited one. Who knows…

All we have to do just try every chance and do our best. And let Allah to decide the rest, right??

[what is this talking about actually??]


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